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The Zoe Duvet

100% Organic Wool Duvet

100% organic wool duvet, made-to-order in our design studio in Slovenia

The Benefits of Organic Wool

Hypoallergenic, suitable for allergy sufferers

Naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial

Regulates body temperature

Perfect for year-round usage

Safe & Hypoallergenic

Breathable & Temperature Regulating

Fluffy & Durable

Sustainable & Cruelty-Free

From Stitch-to-Stitch, the Zoe Duvet is a 100% organic wool duvet.

An organic wool duvet has many benefits. Indeed, organic wool has no harsh chemicals, is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-dustmite, naturally flame retardant and regulates body temperature.

Organic wool duvets regulate body temperature, because it’s able to create a microclimate. It regulates body temperature and humidity. This relieves the body of thermal stress, and promotes deeper and more refreshing sleep.

What’s more, concerning hygiene, organic wool provides an environment too dry for dust mites to survive. So this means fewer dust mites in your bed and bedroom, and a more hygienic sleeping environment. Also, organic wool is naturally anti-bacterial. So, you can rest easy, knowing you’re in the cleanest bed possible.

Why an organic wool duvet is superior to non organic wool duvet

Organic wool doesn’t go through the chemical processing that commercial wool goes through. And, organic wool sheep aren’t given the pesticide baths that industrial sheep are given.

The result: a softer, higher quality wool, with no integrity loss.

Indeed, organic wool duvets are safer for children (and adults) who sleep in them. They are free from chemicals, which you could other wise be inhaling throughout the night.

 Worried about wool allergies?

Allergies to organic wool are extremely rare. If you’ve encountered wool before, and found it unpleasant, it’s most likely because it wasn’t organic. Indeed, organic wool is soft, non-chemical treated, 100% safe, healthy and naturally hypoallergenic. It’s beneficial to people of all ages, from small infants to the elderly.

Individuals who are actually allergic to wool, get serious rashes after just a few seconds or minutes of being in contact with wool. Allergies to wool often come from the lanolin present in wool. Lanolin is what makes organic wool lovely and soft. Lanolin is stripped away by commercial chemical processes in non organic. If you’ve been diagnosed in the past for an allergy to lanolin, then indeed, organic wool bedding is not for you.

How to care for an organic wool duvet ?

Always keep it in a 100% organic cotton duvet cover, dry clean.

Because organic wool is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, it doesn’t need to be washed on a regular basis. So if you get a stain on the 100% cotton casing, remove the stain locally with stain remover. Always keep it in a duvet cover, to keep the duvet itself clean. Dry clean only when necessary.

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