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Your Guide to Buying
the Perfect Pillow

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The Soft Pillow Variety

Soft pillows are those with the least amount of filling or those filled using low-density materials, such as cotton and wool. Soft pillows are ideal for those who sleep on their stomach or change positions often. This is because a soft pillow is relatively flat and this provides a shorter distance between the mattress and your head, thus reducing the angle of the neck. With a soft pillow, the chest, shoulders and neck are more correctly aligned and arching of the lower back is reduced.
If you sleep on your side with pillows which are too soft, the space between your neck and your pillow will be left unsupported, and that may cause you to have neck or back pains.

One way of sleeping with soft pillows, if you only like soft pillows but sometimes sleep on your side, is to find a way to “layer” the pillows, so the space between your neck and your mattress isn’t left empty and unsupported.

Soft pillow fillers include organic cotton and organic wool.

Some people like down or feathers, but we do not use those types of fillers, because the way animals are treated and raised for their feathers and down, is unethical and cruel. If you want to learn more about why and how, visit this page.

Of course, synthetics are also on the very soft side, but can be bad for your heath, and are usually low quality and definatly bad for the environment.

The Medium-Soft Pillow Variety

Medium pillows provide more filling and density than soft pillows, but less than firm pillows. Back sleepers benefit the most from medium pillows; the neck and head receives proper support, while the alignment and curvature of the upper back and shoulders is properly maintained. Medium pillows provide a balance of each of the qualities you receive from soft and firm pillows.
The only down side of medium-soft pillows, is once again, if the pillow is not “high” enough, like soft pillows can be, the space between your neck and your mattress will be left unsuported, possibly causing you neck and back problems.

As with soft pillows, layering your pillows is one way to to make your your neck is supported throughout the night.

Another solution, is adjusting the hight of the pillow, by adding/removing the amount of material inside of it. Extra material is available for purchase, so you can adjust the hight of your pillow as desired whenever you like.

Materials for medium-soft pillows include natural latex, which is supportive, flexible and soft; organic cotton, organic wool, and even organic hemp and buckwheat. By marrying a typically soft material such as cotton (or wool) with natural latex, or organic hemp, or organic buckweat, we can create the perfect pillow that’s not too soft, or too firm.

The Firm Pillow Variety

Firm pillows provide the greatest amount and density of filling. Firm pillows are best suited to side sleepers. The increased pillow depth provides greater distance between the mattress and the head. The shoulders occupy this increased space the firm pillows fill the gap, providing an ideal horizontal alignment throughout the neck and spine. This type of pillow provides an added level of support to the head and neck.
The firm pillow can have the opposite problem the soft and medium soft pillows have. If it is too high, your neck will be “bent” upward in an uncomfortable position which can cause strain on your neck and back.

The best way to sleep with a firmer pillow, is to adjust its’ height. As you an add/remove inner material with medium-soft pillows, you can do the same for firm pillows, so you can have a pillow at the perfect height.

Firm pillow materials generally include organic hemp and organic buckwheat.

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