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Organic Pillows: Why They’re The Best 

By The House of Pillows

Category: Health | Natural Pillows | Organic Pillows | Organic Materials

Organic Pillows 

Let’s first address the elephant on the page.  

What are Organic Pillows?

Organic pillows are pillows made from 100% organic materials. That includes materials like: 100% organic cotton, organic wool and organic buckwheat.

Some “real” organic pillows may also contain natural latex, which is 97% organic. It has a specific feel. (P.S: Beware of the “natural latex” bedding companies out there… Some say their latex is “natural”, but really is “blended” latex, which is more or less some natural latex and mostly chemicals.)

Organic pillows have many benefits. Not just environmental benefits, which are obvious, but health benefits, too.

Conventional pillows are made from synthetic materials, or from synthetic blends. The most common synthetic material used in pillows, is polyester. Now, we’ve written another post about Polyester bedding. We’re here to say it once and for all: polyester should not be in your bed. Go check out why.

Now, organic pillows are amazing because not only are they environmentally friendly, they’re also 100% safe for your health (no matter your age).

Our Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification is a seal of promise that our 100% organic cotton, is 100% safe for your health. To learn more about our sustainable and healthy organic cotton, visit this page.

organic pillows best organic cotton


1/ Organic Pillows: Organic Cotton

  • We use 100% organic cotton for all our bedding products.
  • We use 100% organic cotton because it’s a thousand times better for the environment.
  • We use 100% organic cotton because it doesn’t destroy the bio-diversity of the planet.
  • We use 100% organic cotton because it creates higher quality bedding products.
  • We don’t blend 100% organic cotton, because it defeats the purpose of what our main mission is. 

Bringing healthy, luxurious, honestly sustainable bedding to every home.

Organic cotton has no chemicals added to it, and was not grown using GMOs, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or any other synthetic chemical fertilizer.

You might think “Oh, but, it doesn’t really matter. Even if there are chemicals in cotton, they all get washed out when I wash them at home.”

Listen, we understand.

In a perfect world, this would be true. 

Just a simple wash in the washing machine would do the trick.

But we’re here to help spread the truth, and help people sleep in the best sleeping environment possible (and the best world possible).

So here’s the hard, disapointing truth: the chemicals cannot be washed out. When they’re in, they’re in. 


2/ There’s no reversing chemical processing

Just think of it like this.

Once you bake a cake, you can’t remove the eggs, the flour or the sugar, individually. It’s one all one mixture that makes the whole.

The chemicals that process non organic cotton (or any other commercial fabrics for that matter), are embedded into the fabrics at extremely high temperatures. And they will keep releasing themselves into the air until they decompose completely, which can be hundreds of years. 

To learn more about this very thing, visit this page on EKO TEXTILES website.

We use organic cotton in all of our organic pillows. And we use it in our organic duvets, blankets and mattress toppers.

We use organic cotton in all of our organic bedding, because not only is it better for your health, it’s also much higher quality. Because it isn’t treated with harsh chemicals, there’s no integrity loss within the fibers. So this means, stronger materials, which feels brand new for longer.

By using organic cotton in our organic pillows, we know we’re delivering the best organic pillows. We rest easy at night, knowing our products aren’t doing any harm to the environment, or to our customers’ health.

If you’re interested in knowing the difference between organic cotton and non organic cotton, visit this post.

organic pillows best organic wool


3/ Organic Pillows: Organic Wool

So, lets talk about organic wool now, shall we?

Organic wool is probably our favorite material ever for bedding. There’s so many magical benefits to organic pillows and bedding made with organic wool, that we could (almost) write a whole book on it!

We sleep in organic wool all year long.

Indeed, organic pillows and bedding with organic wool, are one of the best things you can buy.

Organic pillows which contain 100% organic wool are:

  • chemical-free (0% chemically processed)
  • hypoallergenic
  • temperature regulating
  • anti-dustmite
  • anti-microbial
  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-mold
  • anti-mildew

Organic pillows with 100% organic wool, have the benefit of containing no cancerous chemicals. They’re safe and healthy for individuals of all ages (including small infants).

What’s more, organic wool is a hundred times softer than chemically processed wool.

Many say they’re allergic to wool. However, what most people call an allergy, is usually just a discontentment with how most commercial wools feel like. Which is scratchy, and coarse.

Organic wool is far, far away from that.

We use 100% organic wool in all our organic pillows made with wool.

And that’s the only kind of wool we use. It’s of the highest quality, from an organic sheep farm in Europe, where sheep are treated humanely.

We’ve written a post about all the different benefits of organic wool bedding. And also, if you’re interested in the difference between organic sheep and non organic sheep farms, read this post.



4/ Organic Pillows: Natural Latex 


Our Natural Latex is 97% natural. It’s the most organic kind of latex available to buy.

Indeed, it’s impossible to get more natural than that. 

Firstly, natural latex gives you the perfect level of support, while still being soft. While natural latex is firmer than synthetic latex, it’s not so firm that it hinders neck and spine support.

Indeed, natural latex pillows adjust to movements and won’t flatten as fast as other synthetic latex pillows.  What’s more, natural latex is great, no matter what sleep position you prefer.

Also, natural latex is anti-microbial, anti-mildew, anti-dustmite and anti-bacterial. So that means, your bed will stay nice and clean. Natural latex pillows are great for individuals who suffer from allergies.

Synthetic and blended latex pillows can be quite smelly. This is because there are a lot of chemicals in them, and only a very small percentage of actual natural rubber. So if you’re sensitive to smells, better choose a natural latex pillows.

Since natural latex is quite dense, it holds it shape and softness longer than other natural materials.

Indeed, natural latex has elastic properties, which allow it to flex throughout the night. This means, less disrupted sleep.

 Natural latex lasts at least twice as long as synthetic latex and blended latex. 


Because it’s more pure, and has more percentage of natural rubber sap (97%), it doesn’t flatten as fast. This means, your natural latex pillows will stay newer for longer. And, this also means you won’t have to go through the trouble of having to replace it on a regular basis.

Althought true natural latex is slightly more expensive than synthetic latex and blended latex, it’s often worth the extra cost.

Indeed, for all the reasons we’ve mentioned above and more, natural latex offers amazing sleep benefits. It’s cozy, soft, supportive, environmentally friendly, and is guaranteed to last much, much longer.

5/ Organic pillows made from natural Latex and organic wool: why they’re the match made in heaven

Natural Latex and Organic wool make the perfect combination. Why? Because the softness of organic wool and the firm support of natural latex creates the perfect surface for your head to sleep on!

Check out our lovely natural latex and organic wool pillows here.

Organic wool has the benefit of being wonderfully soft. It’s soft yet still quite supportive. 

And coupled with natural latex, you’re sure to get 100% of the support you need.

Indeed, a 100% organic wool pillow would be slightly too soft for back and side sleeping positions. 

And this is because you’re head needs to be sightly elevated, and on a supporting surface, so your neck and spine stays in the correct position.

That’s why organic wool and natural latex is a match made in heaven.

Our “softer” variety of organic pillows are made from natural latex, and 100% organic wool, for optimum support and cozy comfort.

So if you’re looking for something luxurioulsy plush, but also as supportive as it can be, an organic wool and natural latex pillow is your best choice. 

6/ Organic Buckwheat pillows

Organic buckwheat is highly beneficial for allergy sufferers, as it is naturally hypoallergenic. What’s more organic buckwheat keeps the bed and bedroom clean, thanks to its natural anti-microbial properties.

Organic buckwheat pillows are extremely efficient for improving your posture.

The organic buckwheat hulls shape perfectly around the head, and provide great support to the neck and spine throughout the night.

Also, organic buckwheat if very breathable and durable, which means organic buckwheat pillows will have a very long lifetime. The properties of organic buckwheat keep you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

You can also add personalisations of your own. Dried lavender or mint are natural sleep aids which induce sleep, and help you relax. You can add them to your organic buckwheat pillows.

What’s more, organic buckwheat pillows can help those who suffer from constant neck and back pains. Indeed, it can help you stay in the correct lying position when you lie in bed.


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