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About Us

Our Vision

A new world of luxuriously deep sleep… naturally.

At The House of Pillows, our mission is simple: help people get the best night sleep – effortlessly. We want to honour your sleep, the way it deserves to be honored: by treating it with the utmost love and respect. By giving it the gift of nature, with natural organic pillows and bedding.

Sleep is more than a necessary bodily function. 

It’s an important ritual which enables you to refresh your mind, body and soul.

It’s a ritual in your daily life, which is often taken for granted, or neglected.

It’s a ritual that we wanted to give more beauty and meaning to.

And nothing can equal the wiseness and beauty of pure, unprocessed nature. Indeed, natural organic pillows and bedding out-perform in all ways because they’re free of harmful chemicals and artificial substances. They provide higher quality sensations, long term healthier living, more deep sleep, restfulness and peace of mind. 

Because your bed isn’t polluted with artificial materials and harmful chemicals, neither are you. You can rest easy, knowing you’re sleeping in something completely clean, and as pure as it can be.

And that’s what sleep is all about, isn’t it? A process of resting, purifying, and energizing your mind and body.

The House of Pillows exists solely to help you live better: by getting better, more restful, more energizing sleep. Every night.

Our Philosophy

Working hand-in-hand

with Nature.

The growing community of people in the world living a sustainable and ethical lifestyle brings joy to our hearts.

And, we are proud to say that we are 100% apart of this community.

Everything we do, every process in our business, respects the principles of sustainability. Indeed, we make sure that there’s no harm done to anyone or anything involved in our process. No people, plants or animals harmed before, during or after the making of our organic pillows.

What’s your stance?

All our products are: sweatshop free, cruelty-free, and free of harmfull chemicals. And, as for our packaging, we’ve partnered up with wonderful eco-packaging suppliers, to make sure our packaging doesn’t leave any waste in it’s path. Being as eco, sustainable, ethical as possible: it’s important to us.

Sleep with
Organic Materials

Natural & Organic pillows

and Bedding:

Made Easy.

We know how confusing it can be. Indeed, choosing the right organic pillow for you can be hard. We decided to make it incredibly easy – for everyone.

On our website, blog and social profiles, you will find a large number of resources to help you make the right choice. We explain all the differences between our organic pillows and organic bedding products. Also, we present all the different benefits of each organic material. We tell you which pillow is for you depending on the way you sleep. If you have specific concerns, we cater to those, too.

Our aim? For you get the best organic pillows and organic bedding for your needs and desires.

Browse our brand new website to learn more about natural and organic bedding!

Contact us here, if you have any questions!

Embrace Organic Bedding

Supporting a
Sustainable Lifestyle,


So when we set out to clean up people’s beds, we knew it was going to be challenging. But we also believed in a better way of living.

Indeed, we’re determined to help put an end to industrial processes destroying our planet. We wanted to be a resource for people to learn about organic agriculture and farming. And, we wanted to help people learn about the benefits of organic pillows and bedding so you could sleep better, and choose wiser.

We’re so happy more and more are choosing a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Yet, we saw room for improvement in the pillow and bedding industry. Indeed, we needed to bring more options to people in the world of organic bedding.

The result was The House of Pillows: a full range of organic pillows and bedding. We made our products suitable for people of all ages and specific needs. And our greatest hope is to see people embrace organic bedding, so they can feel the experience of getting better, healthier sleep – every night.

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