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Interior Inspiration:

5 easy ways to create a nature inspired bedroom

(and they’re not all green!)

By The House of Pillows Editorial Writers


Natural Bedroom #1 | The Desert

Nature isn’t always green.

Indeed, nature comes in infinite shades. Why not opt for earthy shades and wooden details? Look for real wool bedside tables for a raw feel. Also, shades of brown, grey and natural white bedding are great for giving that natural edge. It’ll make you feel like you’re going to sleep in a really fancy hotel in the desert!

Natural Bedroom #2 | The Rainforest

Turn your bedroom into a rainforest.

Over the top? Well, depends on who you ask. If you’re like us, you love your plants like the next person loves their pet… Or almost. Want to feel like you’re sleeping in the rainforest? Start your plant collection, and why not put some nice rainforest sounds in the background, too. We’re imagining it already!

Natural Bedroom #3 | The Minimalist Jungle

Go big, Go Green, Minimally.

If you’re the minimal type, you might love the idea of having a green centerpiece. And you might want it to be eye-catching, but still simple. If this sounds like you, getting a large leafy plant is just perfect for your bedroom! What do you think?

Natural Bedroom #4 | The Rose Garden

It’s Chic, It’s Pink.

Are you a flower person? Does the smell and sight of flowers enchant you more than anything else? Well, why not pick some up from the flower market? You’re garanteed to wake up in a good mood with pink flowers on your bedside!

Natural Bedroom #5  | The Seaside

Dreaming of the Seaside.

Dreaming of the seaside? Missing those summer days walking along the beach? Then why not bring the seaside to you? Well, you can’t completely  bring the seaside, but you can make your bedroom feel like it is! With blue-green details, marine inspired objects and plants, you’ll definitly feel like you’re waking up by the beach. And who doesn’t love that?

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