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Ecofriendly Tips of 2019:

How to have an eco-friendly Halloween?

by The House of Pillows Editorial Writers

1/ Make your own delicious candy, cakes and cookies!

The plastic around individually-wrapped candy can really add up quickly. This is definitely a good reason to try to make your own candy, but another one is: it’s absolutely incredible! It doesn’t have to be difficult either.

Here are some of our, hand-selected, favourite Halloween sweet recipes you can easily make at home with your friends and family:

2/ Re-use your previous halloween costume
or get creative in a thrift store

If you already have a perfectly good halloween costume at home you’re fine with wearing again this year – then feel free to do so! But, if Halloween is one of your favorite holidays, and you want to mix it up, there are eco friendly solutions. Don’t be pressured to buy those expensive, 100% polyester costumes in the shop.

Instead, head to the thrift shop or vintage store! You’re very likely to come out with a really fun and unique halloween costume. Plus, if you make it an adventure with your friends, you’ll probably have a blast rummaging through previously loved items of clothing! Great way to be unique, have fun and be eco friendly!

3/ Have fun making your own decorations
or re-use decorations you already have!

Like almost everything marketed around Halloween time, the decorations you’ll find in the shops are made from plastic, too. However, you can make some pretty spooky halloween decorations with things you probably already have in your home!

Check out some of these.


4/ Put out a recycling bin for trick-or-treaters

Just because you’ve opted for a plastic-free Halloween, doesn’t mean everyone else will… So why not help the environment by spreading awareness and make it easier for trick-or-treaters to recycle? You can even make a fun art project out of it! 

Dress up a recycling bin or a simple cardboard box you already have laying around. Display it in front of your front door for trick-or-treaters, so that those who have a bunch of plastic candy wrappers can easily recycle them thank to your super spooky recycling bin! 

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5/ Don’t go to bed too late…
but if you do, remember to sleep organic!

Traditional bedding contains polyester and other synthetic materials. These types of materials are SUPER scary (and not in the good way), because they’ve shown they can cause all types of health risks, including several types of cancer. But even if you think you could never get sick from these materials, synthetic materials, such as polyester, take at least 200 years to biodegrade and do significant harm to the environment!

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Certified Organics: Global Organic Textile Standard

Certified Organics: Global Organic Textile Standard

If only there was a way to know that the trousers you are wearing or the sheets you sleep in, are not harmful to you and are produced in an naturally acceptable way. Guess what? There is! It’s called GOTS.

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